Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Tribute

Harvey's Knob
A Tribute

There is a hawkwatcher named Bill
Each fall he climbs a great hill
To seek out a flight 
of raptors that might
in the end give him a big thrill.

There is a hawkwatching host
who spots more raptors than most
when the skies in her view
are less gray and more blue
She is known as Bluesky Joyce.

And Baron too climbs that hill
to see raptors that give him a thrill.
He keeps a good count
of what is seen on that mount
So we all can share in his thrill.

And then there's Barry, what more can be said,
as he brings to us gravy and bread.
He picks the best days 
that don't always pay,
but we are always glad to be fed.

And then there is Carl, KT, Matt, Dillard, and Dave
who fill in for all, to catch every wave
Of raptors they count 
up there on that mount
to see that the record is evermore saved.

Now, where is that mount?
Where we view hawks and count
that marvelous migrating mob.
T'is a ridge that is blue
where they fly straight and true,
O'er a place that's called Harvey's Knob.

Dave Holt

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