Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Miscellany (of years)

"Why I love Vultures" by TED
Do Hockey and Birding MIX?
Vulture Self ID!

How do birds survive huge storms - NYT?

The future of hawk counting, Perhaps?

   And, as it gets late, the Red Tails turn their headlights on:

Name this bird:

  Great story and a great video about an old Bald

RedTail on DESIGN?

Political BIRDS?

Which coffee is best for the BIRDS?

When is Green not GREEN!


What you need to know about binoculars (from Cornell Lab) is
here to SEE!


 Eagle #1 2011 (8/15)

Eagle #90 2011 (10/21)

Eagle #89 (with harness?):

Big Bird:

(Click to read)


Pictorial Summation of the 2011 Broadwing Year:


Osprey Recovery HERE


This place is incredible:
of Virginia

Golden Eagle story from 

A Boy and His Dog:

See What A Mountain Will Do:

Sandy at Buchanan:

Sandy at Montvale:

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